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Day 1: #10DaysofSmallJoys Art Journalling

And so, our ten days have begun! The idea is to just notice what brings us joy and then take a few minutes to record it in our art journals (or wherever we'd like to!).

My day began with some anxiety. It was also the day I was travelling and that tends to cause me a little stress as well. But I leaned on a few friends for help, and realizing that I'm so supported was a great feeling. And such a load off my back when a friend was available to help me out.

I managed to get to the airport on time and sat down and made this quick comic. (I am trying to push myself and make short comic-style pages these days) I made this with just a pencil and no eraser. A voice inside my head kept saying this ought to be better. But here’s the thing I’m telling everyone doing this - just show up every day without stressing about making it pretty. So here I am.

I'm also putting together a few others of your posts that came in via Instagram. I LOVED seeing what brought you joy yesterday. I saw:

  • a scene from a beautiful nature park in Scotland

  • someone's sweet little pug (called Muffin <3)

  • the energy after a pranayama or breathwork session

  • and someone finishing a part of their art course

  • just the joy that comes from intuitively letting your pen guide you!

Like TheSlowArtist said in their post, 'Everything is around us, all we need is to open our eyes.' I know a lot more of you have made your art. Please share and tag me on Instagram and use #10DaysofSmallJoys or email me. I am having some issues with guest users posting images on comments on blog posts, but I will have that sorted soon.

I'll be back with Day 2 roundup tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I can't wait to see what you've all made :)

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