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A little illustrated handbook by Shubhashree Sangameswaran with simple, everyday ideas towards a less messy world. Also, a brief look at the past to see what lessons we can learn from our earlier generations and how they were pretty effortlessly #zerowaste, even before it became a hashtag. 

If you're getting a bit disgruntled at the state of our planet and wondering where to start, this book is for you. If you're already 'woke' and you carry your own cutlery and #RefuseTheStraw, but some people STILL don't seem to get it - this book is a perfect gift for them!

Please write to me if you’d like to order bulk copies at a discount for schools. I’d also love to send printable PDFs if required. Also, if you'd like to order multiple copies, drop me an email on so we can work out a lower shipping rate.

A6 size, 36 pages. Price: Rs 140 plus shipping and handling.










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Some pages from the book

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