Let’s Talk Trash: Hyderabad event

Hey all!

I’m excited to bring the first of the few workshops I’ve planned for the year! Happening at Hyderabad, at Kaficko, Jubilee Hills on July 20m at 4pm.

Here’s what’s in store:

Let’s Talk Trash: Baby Steps to Zero-waste Living
What is the Zero-waste lifestyle? How do we go about it? This session explores lessons we can learn from our earlier generations with a focus on how they were pretty effortlessly #zerowaste, even before it became a trending hashtag. The talk seeks to make you think about our consumption patterns and how the choices we make have a lasting impact on our planet. There will be ideas shared on simple, everyday things we can do to reduce our waste footprint and leaving the earth a little less messier for our future generations without breaking the bank.
Demo session - Going beyond pre-packaged, processed snacks.  Six fuss-free snack ideas, and hands-on demo of a no-bake, no-cook energy bar for all ages.

Ticket: Rs 600 per participant

Link to buy tickets here .